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Category: HEALTH (31 records) Archive: SOLD- WEDNESDAY APRIL 24TH 11:00AM - WOWPRICE AUCTIONS 11:00 AM
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Item Description
9Waterpik water flosser Comes with premium travel case 12 accessory tips and one tip storage case nano water flosser ultra plus water flosser it is clinically proven retails for $89
15Design optics Reading glasses rimless classic scratch resistant lenses +2.5 RETAILS FOR $19.99 AT COSTCO
24Waterpik Dual Power Pulse Massage Shower Head (Brushed Nickel), Wider Massage Zone 4 Massaging Streams Bliss Mist For Relaxation Powered By Dual-Steam Technology Premium Stainless Steel Hose 1.8M/6-Foot Hose For Easy Shower Cleaning Or Bathing Kids/Pets. Anti-Clog Nozzles Dislodge Mineral Deposits By Rubbing Nozzles. RETAILS FOR $37
61Design optics Reading glasses rimless classic scratch resistant lenses +1.75
62Design optics Reading glasses rimless classic scratch resistant lenses +1.25
69Design optics semi rimless flexible plastic glasses +2.50
95Samsonite lumbar seat cushion
104design optics fullframe classic +2.50
109design optics semi rimless classic plus one .50
136 More Effective Brushing and Flossing in One Convenient Device Removes plaque and debris deep between teeth and below the gumline where brushing and traditional flossing can't reach High-volume reservoir with 90+ seconds of water capacity and sonic toothbrush technology with 25% faster bristle speed than other leading sonic toothbrushes RETAILS FOR $90
154MegaHome Countertop Water Distille. Up to 4 gallons per day output. Safety Shut-Off, UL approved, BPA free. Best Rated Distiller on Amazon. True Steam Distillation System RETAILS FOR $199
193design optics full frame metal plus 2.50
195zip fizz healthy energy blueberry Raspberry 30 tubes
198zip fizz energy pink lemonade 30 tubes
199zip fizz enerji black cherry 30 tubes
205design optics full frame ladies fashion plus 2.50
206design optics rimless classic plus 3.0
223Air care mini console evaporative humidifier medium home up to 36 hours 2.5 gallon tank
229Design optics full frame classic plus 2.50
256filtrate filter 16x20x1
261design optics rimless classic +1.50
284Avalon organics therapy biotin B complex thickening conditioners for energized scalp and thicker Fuller hair #285
289reading glasses semi rimless scratch resistant lenses last 2
290reading glasses full frame metal scratch resistant lenses plus one point 75
291Sapphire HDMI cables wirelogic 2PACK solid long grain copper conductors for better sound and picture directionality controlled #292
29236 disposable razors Gillette custom 3 #293
294reading glasses full frame scratch resistant lenses + 2.00
320britta water filter cap
321semi rimless ladies fashion reading glasses scratch resistant lenses plus one point 25
323water pik water flosser healthcare gum brighter teeth in just a minute a day brush in alone is not enough ideal for braces another dental work 324
326Full frame ladies fashion reading glasses scratch resistant lens

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